The Link btwn Potatoes and GLUE!

The Link btwn Potatoes and GLUE!

Yes, Elmers, Rubber Cement, YOU NAME IT!

Although vegan, potatoes are not the nutritional hero we thought they were—it's more like a sneaky villain that can act like glue inside your body.  But first, let’s chat about them being a hybrid!

Whether it’s white, yellow, russet, sweet, or what have you, the potatoes in US are more than likely hybridized.  Why is hybridization of foods bad?  Welp, what are your thoughts on GMO’s (GENETICALLY modified organisms)…now sometimes called Bioengineered foods?  Does that sound appetizing?  Does any of that sound like it should be floating around in your body?

So, potatoes are not only hybrid foods, but they act as a glue in the body!  Now, off top, that should be enough for you to think “I don’t want glue to be in my body.”  But I know how some of y'all like to justify not so great behaviors, so I’ll go further. 

Do you have trouble breathing?  What about chronic coughing, fatigue, nausea, choking, headaches, dizziness, mobility impairments, dyslexia, and/or abdominal pain?  Any issues with any ONE of those at all…not necessarily all of them or multiple.  Just one?  Ok, now ask yourself, do you eat a potatoes, French fries, or “foods” with potato starch etc.?  Potatoes contain a high amount of nitrogen.  Exposure to Nitrogen is dangerous because it can replace Oxygen…which everyone knows we need oxygen, right? The lack of oxygen can lead to suffocation!  I don’t know about you, but not being able to breath on my own is a scary feeling!

Now ask yourself again, is this (one of the reasons) why you have a hard time breathing?  If so, you need to cleanse asap!!  Something as simple as eating potatoes and French fries can lead to liver damage.  Please detox/cleanse asap!

In case you skipped over this part, beware of foods containing potato starch!  Potato starch is what makes glue sticky-icky! Look it up! I’m tellin’ you!

Terms for Clarity          


From hybrid cars, to language, technology, to even plants, don’t allow the word “hybrid” become normal when it comes to your food world.  Hybrid foods are NOT OK!

Do you know which animals are hybrids?  Would you be surprised to know that the cow is a man-made hybrid of?  What about the chicken. Yea, this food thing is real.

Genetically Modified Foods-

Now those GMO’s are a bit tricky to put in a box, ya know.  Umm, they got a few tricks in their bag!  Basically, GMO’s have had one ore more changes made to it’s origin, typically done by using high-tech engineering in a lab with an attempt to change/alter the characteristics of the “food.”  Think about the fakeness floatin’ in your body.  Eek!

Bioengineered Foods-

Bioengineered is like the specific, snazzy cousin of GMOs that scientists just love to play around with.  It’s that cool term that keeps it all nice and simple for the science crew as it’s food that contains genetic material that has been modified through certain laboratory techniques and for which the modification could not be obtained through nature.  Ugh.  In essence, all "bioengineered" organisms are GMOs, but not the other way around (Edmisten, NC State University).  Do you wanna’ get wit’ that?

THIS is the very reason Dr. Sebi created a nutritional guide.  It’s not perfect as foods are changing daily here in the good ol’ US of A, but it’s the closest we have to nature as we gotta’ eat sumthin!  Click here

If you’re in Peru, where MUCH research is done, Dr. Sebi said, “Consider eating the Red Rose potato as that particular potato is the first-generation potato, closest to its mother/original.” 

Need a potato replacement?  Green Burro Bananas or even Butternut Squash are phenomenonal!  You could fool your kids with the taste!  Click here for an alkaline-electric version of potatoes!

Speaking of hybrids, perhaps next week I’ll chat with you more about hybrid animals!  You’ll be amazed at what the cow and pig are hybrids of.  Oh yeah! Those aren’t naturally created…creatures!  Let me know if this is something you want to chat about next week!  #drtruth #electricelements

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