Collection: Dr. tRuth N. Wellness

Focusing on Black Psychology especially for Black Women, Dr. tRuth N. Wellness has much to chat about with you! Understanding the Psychology of Eating, food is often used as a coping mechanism to deal with many issues outside of hunger. From boredom, stress, and anxiety, the short-term feelings of happiness that food may provide will usually end up with long-term feelings of guilt and shame to chronic dis-eases. Each week, we’ll chat about “Emotional Eating”, “Discovering Life-long Discipline”, “The 7-Dimensions of Wellness”, “Depression or Just Lazy?”, “Hereditary or Dietary?”, “Eat Your Way to Weight-loss”, "What is Eating Alkaline" and so much more! We’re excited to invite you to our courses at a low monthly investment.  More info coming soon!

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