Why Your Poop Stanks!

I know, people get squeamish when we talk about poop, but hey, EVERYBODY POOPS! 

As I always say, our bodies communicate with us all the time!  Because your poop stank, your body is simply telling you, #eatmoralkaline!  This is indicative of your overall well-being.  The connection between what comes out is telling of what goes in, which is a bunch of bull-sh*t, literally.  …and if what goes in is full of sh*t, then this explains your:

  • Brain Fog/Short Attention Span
  • Acne
  • Fibroids
  • Reproductive Issues (Fellas & Ladies)
  • Depression
  • Cancer scares (yep!) – We’ll talk more about this next week if you want?
  • …and soooo much more!

The Gut-Body Connection 

Your gut is often referred to as the "second brain" which of course, impacts your physical and mental health.  The body does not work in isolated parts.  The hip bone’s connected to tha….WHAT BONE?  Exactly!  It’s all connected.  If you have XYZ in one area, then multiple areas in your body become effected.  This is why we focus on wHOListic Healing.  “Fixing” one area is a benefit to the rest of your body. 


The Role of LIVEit’s in Digestive Health

We call it “LIVEit’s because the opposite of this is DIEt.  #hiddeninplainsight  Dr. Sebi's nutritional guide impacts not only positive digestive health, but relieves soooooo many other areas.  Stay tuned, I have so much more in-store for you and your health.  #promises

Click here for Dr. Sebi’s Nutritional Guide

How often you should go?

Simply put, as much as you eat!  Yes, it’s true!  If you’re not, guess what, you’re eating too much bull-sh*t.  Sorry, not sorry.  When clients tell me they haven’t gone in days, weeks, months…yes, months…this is scary.  Think about it this way, what would happen if:

  • you never cleaned your house.
  • you never cleared your pipes
  • you never changed the oil in your car

Ok, I think you get my drift, right? Why do we act when the signal lights in our cars come on, but we ignore the signals in our bodies.  Oh, I know, it’s because “they” told you…

  • This is what happens when you get old #straightupbs
  • Your family has it, so you have it too! #itsdietarynot hereditary

Etc., etc..  I just pray you stop listening to the lies…the lies…the lies (in my #Kandi Burress voice) and listen to your inner self.  Oh, but wait, if your inner self is full of sh*t (the meat, the dairy, white sugar, etc.), then you may not be able to think clearly on your own.  Seriously.  Not tryna be funny.  It’s the hardcore facts. 

In conclusion, just #eatmoralkaline

Your digestive health is more than just about the smell—it's a window to your body's inner workings. By embracing the principles of wHOListic healing, you can unlock the surprising secrets behind digestive health and pave the way for a healthier, happier you. Remember, it's not just about why your "poop stanks," but what it's trying to tell you.

Now that you know betta, you've got one job, DO BETTA'!

-Dr. Truth