Link between Herpes/H3rp3s, Pigs, Cows, and Chicken??

Link between Herpes/H3rp3s, Pigs, Cows, and Chicken??

Hey, homies! I remember having a convo with an herbalist friend of mine and he gave me a thought that I’m not sure I’ve EVER thought of, so I thought to share with you!  We all know Beyond and Impossible Meat is created in a lab to mimic animal-based foods, right?  Have you ever thought about certain animals that are NOT naturally created in wild? We call these domesticated animals, such as your furry friends, like pet dogs and cats.  However, there are a number of other domesticated animals that are friends to some and complete “meals” to others.  Yep!  Pigs, cows, and chickens are among the most popular eaten animals, and also domesticated.  If you grew up on a farm, perhaps some of those animals became loving pets, but for the most part, they are seen as food…I’ll just hang out here for a moment.  Is that ok with you?  

Ok, so why do some animals loving pets and some are seen as “food”?  Could it be the marketing that was shown to you for NUMEROUS years?  What about the new marketing on newer products like Beyond and Impossible Meat?  Those are also grown in a lab, however, many people feel pigs, cows, and chicken are “real foods”.  Some even refer to them as “REAL MAN FOOD!”  Ha!  Do you see those products as helpful or hurtful?   

…and just for reading this far down, here’s a bonus! DID YOU KNOW?

“The herpes viruses are widely distributed in nature and infect a variety of vertebrates ranging from fish to primates." (Burrows, 1977). Translation:  Herpes live in mammals, including pigs, cows, chicken, and humans.  If you eat any of these, chances are, the herpes virus will show up in your system.  Does this mean herpes is not (only) a sexually transmitted dis-ease?  Perhaps!  The evolution of the dis-ease is quite complex, however, that should be the last thing to focus on.  This virus (along with many others) have been researched for many, many, many years.  If you don’t want the virus, don’t just protect yourself when you’re doing the deed!  #imjussayin  Curious, what are your thoughts?  #writeme  I’m considering creating a private community.  Would you join?

Lastly, this is why Dr. Sebi and many other greats were not advocates of hybridized plants.  Adding the human touch to what nature has provided is usually not a good mix.  See what I did there?  Despite them being called a fruit or veggie…which we’ve been taught these are as healthy as you can get, these perfect looking plants are my last choice when I choose my plate.  #jussayin

Keep rocking those pet adventures, and remember, each furball has a unique tale to tell! 🌈🐾

Here's the research!

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