About Me

About Me:

Just call me Dr. Truth!  A young black woman in my late 40s on a remarkable journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Armed with a passion for healing and an unyielding spirit, my story is one of transformation and resilience.

Academic Pursuit: I am not just an ordinary scholar; I’m a Doctoral Candidate studying Educational Psychology and Research with a laser focus on The Psychology of Food, along with a background studying the Function of Food, and Anatomy & Physiology.  My academic journey is a testament to my unwavering commitment to personal growth and helping others.

Healing Inspiration: My motivation is deeply personal.  I embarked on my quest for holistic healing inspired by the desire to overcome ailments. When doctors told me to just “get surgery” or “that is irreversible”, etc. my Spidey-senses went off, so I decided to do my own research.  I discovered Dr. Sebi's Methodology, which became a cornerstone of my journey to wellness. I embraced the philosophy of “Let Thy Food be Your Medicine” and became a Master in my kitchen.  Not only did it help me reverse health challenges, but I also extended a helping hand to friends and family looking for a path to healing.  The ones that listened are still healthy to this day!

Holistic Healing Reputation: Soon after, I began to gain a reputation as a holistic healer.  Although steady, I realized that the clientele list was growing too slowly for my taste. Undeterred by this challenge, I decided to take a creative turn in my career.

Fashion Line Inspired by Food: In addition to creating and now sharing the recipes that helped me stay away from animal meat and dairy, my innovative spirit led me to create a fashion line to help others with their social and spatial cognition.  It took me some time to carve out positive components all around my daily life, I want to help you get there a bit quicker than I.  So, I created an alkaline-electric apparel line, inspired by the specific fruits and vegetables from Dr. Sebi's Nutritional Guide. My vision is to not only provide stylish clothing but also inspire you to embrace a healthier lifestyle by providing you with a more positive environment and encouraging you to consume more alkaline-electric fruits and vegetables.

Unapologetic and Resilient: It’s beyond time for a revolution in the way we approach each other about nutrition and just be honest. It's time for transparency, for putting our health first, and for reclaiming our right to wholesome, clean food. The journey to truth begins with acknowledging the lies, and I’m dedicated to exposing these deceptions and leading us towards a healthier, more informed future.

In my pursuit of a healthier, more holistic world, focusing on my peeps, I will give it to you straight, no chaser!  I will inform you with unbiased, peer-reviewed scholarly research.  Just do me one favor.  When I inform you of the real, you will know better.  At that point, you’ll have just one job, DO BETTA!