Top FIVE reasons you should cook more at home:

Top FIVE reasons you should cook more at home:

Top FIVE reasons you should cook more at home:

  • Controoolll (in my Janet Jacksons voice):

Cooking at home allows you to have full control over the ingredients in your meals. You can choose fresh, high-quality ingredients and tailor your recipes to meet your nutritional needs. This helps in creating balanced and healthier meals, reducing reliance on processed or fast foods.

  • Tha Savings:

Cooking at the crib is generally more cost-effective than eating out or getting takeout. Buying ingredients in bulk (like Spelt and Chickpea flour, Garbanzo Beans, etc.) or using leftovers, and making meals in advance can help you save money in the long run…which also helps you manage your budget more efficiently.

  • Customization and Preferences:

When you cook at home, you have the freedom to customize your meals according to your own taste buds.  Since I’ve changed my LIVEit, I can’t handle even the slightest bit of spice.  On the rare occasion that I do go out, I always have to over express, NO SPICE AT ALL PLEASE. 8x of 10x, they always say, “It’s not that hot.”  ARGH!  Dude, I said NONE at all PLEASE!  Smh.   Anyway, you can make your dish the way you want…even when you’re using my cookbooks! I encourage to you to create your own cookbook whether just for you, your fam, or for a biz!  Cooking is about experimenting!  It’s why I call my kitchen “The Lab.”  Experiment with flavors so you can tailor each dish to suit your personal liking.  😊

  • Family and Social Bonding (my personal fav):

Cooking at home provides an opportunity for families and friends to come together. Collaborative cooking or sharing meals can foster stronger bonds and create a sense of community. It's a chance to spend quality time with loved ones, sharing stories and experiences while enjoying a homemade meal, while creating great memories!

  • Skill Development and Empowerment:

Cooking is a valuable life skill, and preparing meals at home allows you to enhance your culinary skills. As you gain confidence in the kitchen, you'll be more empowered to experiment with diverse cuisines and techniques. Learning to cook also contributes to a sense of accomplishment and independence.

Cooking at home offers a holistic approach to well-being, encompassing health, financial savings, personalization, social connections, and skill development.

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