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Please note, there is currently no cost for this book, though that will not be for long.  The Book will be released on 6/6!

Hey there! Get ready to dive into a world where I uncover all the stupid $hit people say. In my first book ever, I'm taking on all the Bull$hit that I've heard from clients over the years!

I'll explain everything in simple terms and prove why some things just don't make sense. Drawing from years of experience and countless interactions with clients, I dissect each bar of Bull$hit with a keen eye and back it up with rigorous research or plain common sense. Through witty anecdotes, insightful analysis, and a dash of humor, I unravel the tangled web of misinformation that often clouds our understanding. Whether it's debunking the latest fads or exposing the fallacies that hold us back, this book serves as a beacon of clarity in a sea of confusion. 

This book isn't just about learning—it's about having fun while we figure out what's real and what's not.  So, get ready to learn, laugh, and become a Bull$hit-busting pro! Join me on this awesome adventure where we'll uncover the truth and kick Bull$hit to the curb!


BY PURCHASING THIS PRODUCT, you acknowledge that the All Things Alkaline group are, not medical doctors. We provide herbs that may improve conditions as well improve the Systems of the body by supporting normal function and structure of the body. Please consult your physician if you suspect any dis-ease.

We do not diagnose, prescribe, treat, or claim to prevent or cure any human diseases. Treat this experience as an educational tool. It enables you to better understand, assess, and choose the best course of treatment when a health problem arises and how to prevent health problems from developing.

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PRESALE: Battle of Bull$hit EXCUSES

PRESALE: Battle of Bull$hit EXCUSES

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