Eating Raw is boring?

Eating Raw is boring?

So, I recently made a post about Raw Foods (since y’all still on ya “healthy kick”…eventho this is supposed to be a LIFEstyle, not a DIEt, but anyway) and y’all just went nuts! Lol.  I like that though!  Love the passion!  Let me clarify on this…

Eating raw can be from eating fruits and/or veggies the way they come AND you can also be HIGH Raw when you use a dehydrator.  I have many recipes for using a dehydrator with your foods so you can still get that “cooked” taste and feel but be even healthier because you’re not using any oils because, of course, you’re not cooking!  Pro tip: You can use alkaline veggie broth in placement of oil when you are cooking.  See page 32 in my Alkaline-Electric Holiday Comfort Classics Recipe eBook.  Ok, so back to it, eating high raw has even more amazing benefits than just eating and cooking alkaline-electric.  Have you ever seen anyone that does this everyday?  Their skin has an amazing glow, their hair is usually long, thick and shiny, their teeth are pearly white and so much more!  THIS is how you save money by eating alkaline-electric. You say you spend more on the foods (not really true..but I’ll touch on that another time), but look at the money you’ll save on not having to WASTE money on expensive creams (that don’t work), glasses (because the mucus from animal foods destroy your vision), hair products (that don’t work bc it’s all about what you put on the inside that keeps hair strong and healthy….umm, I could go on and on! 

I have a LOT of things I’m writing about at the moment but now I’m inspired to help you guys out on the high raw food lifestyle.  Sheesh!  Welp, I guess one at a time as many of you are looking to stay consistent on just eating more electric, cooking more at home (yay!), and what not.  So, I’ll come back to that but just know, it’s a thing!

If you don’t have a dehydrator, put your oven on the lowest temp, hopefully no higher than 170 degrees and have fun!  It does usually take 8-14 hours for the more “gourmet” meals however, it’s so worth it!  THIS helps you plan ahead, have food from the day before already prepped so you can just come home and dig in, releasing the temptations from stopping and “grabbing something real quick” etc.  When you prepare foods at 170 degrees and below, this is considered not cooking! 

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