Skinny This, Skinny That...

Skinny This, Skinny That...

Kings and Queens!  What's good yo? Since the New Year, it’s been very eye opening to see all of these groups and companies talk about Skinny this and Skinny that.  I’m not new to the game, however, my company is a bit new.  So, I look at these companies (that are somewhat in my lane) with a different lens. 

Before, the BS marketing tactics didn’t faze me.  However, now that I’ve started taking the time to write to you, help educate you on facts not fiction or fads, I’m more cognizant of their tactics. 

Complete transparency:  I’ve added myself on a few others email lists on purpose to see how they do things.  I mean, hey, they have a LOT of followers, so they must know what they’re talking about, right?  Right?  Welp, I was hoping so…for the people’s sake…but it’s just more and more bull jiving out there than I care to continue to think about right now.  ….ok, nah, I’m still a bit heated right now so let me vent to you a bit more before I hang it up and let this sh*t go…

I've been peeping the scene, checking out all these folks hyping up Skinny this and that. Got me thinking, do these marketing tactics still work on y'all? I had to put myself on a few email lists just to see what's the deal, you know? These big names got the followers, but it's more bull jive than a Katt Williams comedy show out there!

I'm coming at you with some truths – how long are we gonna let these companies feed us bull before we wise up? Quick fixes while promoting chicken or fish and still saying you’re going to lose weight is ridiculous?  Can it happen? Of course.  Anything is possible.  However, at our age, I doubt we’re working OUT more than what we’re putting IN.  Right?  You with me?  Be honest with yourself.  Eating animal meat and saying you can be healthy doing so is not real facts for so many reasons.  If you want me to get into more details, have a one-on-one with me. 

Do you know who makes popular statements like, “Eat bananas to get potassium!  #Chiquita!  On their website right at this moment says “Bananas are one of the healthiest fruits out there because they are fat and cholesterol free!”  HA!  There’s so much sugar in those genetically modified fruits, it’s ridiculous.  Yes, sugars from REAL fruit is great no matter what, but again, these are genetically modified so the sugar content in them is essentially processed.  It’s not natural whatsoever.  So, guess who told you to eat baked chicken and salmon, etc. because they’re health.  ou know who told you this?  #Tyson #Perdue and all the other chicken and fish companies out there.    Man, that's like putting chocolate sauce on sh*t and calling it dessert. No thanks!

I ain't here to turn anyone vegan; I'm just dropping free knowledge. I work hard on my PhD, and this is my playground. I compared myself to others when I started, but it's disgusting what I see – big companies making a quick buck off you. SMH. I can't, and you shouldn't either.

This ain't just about growing my brand; it's about y'all being informed and taking your health seriously. I'm not shouting about alkaline-electric just for the hype. Losing weight is a bonus; focus on your heart health, your organs running smoothly, and those signals your body throws at you.

It's like your car giving you signals – you wouldn't ignore a gas or oil light, right? Why do it to your body? That's why I'm all about alkaline-eating. Research shows it's a top-notch shield against all the man-made BS thrown our way.

And hey, I'm not sweating those follower numbers. I got 1500, and I'm chillin'. I'm here on my calling, grateful for the ride. So, peace out for now, peeps!

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