Alkaline Energizer

Alkaline Energizer


2 cups kale (chopped)
*Lymphatic (immune) health

1 cucumber (peeled and sliced)
*Hydration *Antioxidants *Healthy Skin

1 green apple (cored and sliced)
*Natural Sweetness *Dietary Fiber

1 lime (peeled)
*Hydration *Natural Electrolytes

1 inch ginger (peeled)
*Digestion support *Anti-Inflammatory

2 cups SPRING water

1-2 TBSP Sea Moss -

Add everything to your juicer (except the Sea Moss) IN THIS ORDER.  Add Sea Moss after and blend together or simply shake it up!  Sip, gulp, enjoy...but be mindful of the benefits to your bawwwdy!  :)

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