Electric Bacon

Electric Bacon

Inspired by EmHotep, Hippocrates, Dr. Otto Warburg, Dr. Afrikka, and Dr. Sebi, our goal is to get you to at least 80% alkaline eating and the remaining will always be vegan for a 100% vegan friendly, healthier recipe!



King Trumpet Mushrooms

Rice paper - Skip this if you want to keep it 100% alkaline and just fry it up!

Kitchen Scissors



6 tablespoons coco aminos (gluten-free if preferred)

3 tablespoons date syrup

1 ½ teaspoons smoked paprika

1 teaspoon onion powder

¾ teaspoon liquid smoke


Let's Get the Flavor Fiesta Started:

  1. Grab a glass flat dish and throw a marinade party by combining all the sauce ingredients. Mix it like you mean it!
  2. Now, take those King Trumpet Mushrooms and slice ‘em thin. Use a potato peeler if you wanna make it bit easier.
  3. Now, let’s use those mushroom slices to dive in the marinade pool for at least 15 minutes. Give 'em a good bath – they love it.
  4. Take your rice paper and cut it into sassy strips, about as wide as the King Oyster Mushrooms.
  5. Dip those rice paper strips in the marinade but make it quick – we want the flavor, not a soggy mess!
  6. Next, lay those rice paper strips out on a cutting board or plate like they're posing for a photoshoot.
  7. Time to assemble the King Oyster Mushroom entourage on top of the rice paper strips – one layer, please. This is their spotlight moment!
  8. Add another rice paper strip on top, creating a superstar sandwich. Keep going until you've got the VIP Mushroom Vacon lineup.
  9. Grab a (cast iron) skillet, crank up the heat to medium, and count to 60 – and it’ll be showtime!
  10. Pour enough grapeseed oil to coat the pan like it's the red carpet. Wait about 3 minutes – we're giving the oil a chance to shine.
  11. Place each piece of Vacon on the skillet – we're talking 2-3 minutes of fame on each side. Get that color and crispiness, homie!
  12. Flip 'em like you're flipping your fro after a fabulous performance.
  13. Take a bow – remove those Mushroom Vacon from the heat and let them cool. They deserve a moment to chill.
  14. Cue the confetti – it's time to enjoy your culinary creation!

    And don't forget to keep me POSTED on how you did – I want to hear about your flavor fiesta! 🎉

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