My first experience paying for a mentor...continued.

As a brand-new clothing designer, I have a dream to create something extraordinary.  Eager to start the journey, I initially turned to the drop shipping model, hoping to make OUR mark in the fashion world. However, this path proved to be a challenging one.

I had some experience using from a friend and I thought that was the lick!  It’s print-on-demand so no money is needed up front, I didn’t have to worry about ordering numerous sizes that may not sell and sit there in my living room, and I could place the orders as the orders came to me.  Unfortunately, the more I ordered, the quality of the clothing didn't match OUR vision. The garments lacked the essence of a genuine brand, something that I could proudly call "OUR brand" – a brand that resonated with the community I want to serve.

So, what do I do?  What I always do!  Pull myself up by my bootstraps and get to work!  Determined to create something special, I decided to search for manufacturers overseas to bring unique designs to life. This decision, however, led to a series of setbacks. The overseas manufacturers overpromised and underdelivered, leaving me heart-broken…and frankly, pissed-off!  Initially I was ok with spending a LOT of time back and forth communicating with the manufacturers and a LOT of money; however, they did not want to make good on their promises. 

There were 3 manufacturers that told me they would continue to make the garments until I was happy.  I ordered 2 hoodies and joggers, 1 jacket with matching sweatpants, and a couple t-shirts.  All bad! Even the dayumm t-shirts y’all!! How in THE hell do you call yourself a manufacturer that has been in business over 10-years and the sleeves on the t-shirt were crooked, the circumference of the sleeves didn’t match, AND the print was just….ugh…freakin’ ridiculously crooked.  Not only this, but they thought it was ok to send to me as if they did an amazing job….or like I wouldn’t notice or they were proud of their work?!?  SMDH!

The first and most important key request made to these manufacturers was a commitment to avoiding materials like polyester, nylon, or spandex due to concerns about their impact on your body. Despite this request, the manufacturers disregarded my wishes, using materials that were contrary to the vision. The outcome was disastrous - garments with crooked printing, shoddy sewing that looked like it was done by fifth graders, and sizing that was far from accurate.

I refuse to sell you guys something I wouldn’t wear myself and something I’m not proud of, so I’m still on the hunt, however, I THINK I’ve found the one!  The jury is still out but so far so good!  Keep “following” and I’ll keep you posted real soon!

Dr. Sebi was mentored by a group of Mexicans that helped him heal, which that mentorship lead to Dr. Sebi helping heal THOUSANDS...including myself! Invest in your health as it's wealth!

I’ve learned (and still learning, of course) valuable lessons from these challenges, including the importance of quality control and clear communication. With newfound determination, I decided to get and pay for a mentor!  When I tell you it was THE best decision hands down!  This group OVER delivers!  We meet multiple times per week and kinda gives us TOO much goodness!  Imagine that!  …and yes, it was multiple thousands (that I had to charge…yikes!) but so worth every penny.  I’m happy to do this as at the end, it will mean QUALITY goodness for you guys and gals!   

The journey is tough, but I understand it’s a crucial chapter in my story.  I’m driven by the desire to create a brand that truly inspires you to eat more electric fruits and veggies AND also represents the community's values and style.  I’m on my way!  Just you wait and see!

Oh, and by the way, I get even more excited by the naysayers!  So, are you wit’ me or are you wit’ mehh?

Until next time,

Dr. Truth

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