Alkaline-Electric Nacho/Rotel Cheese

Alkaline-Electric Nacho/Rotel Cheese

Wash and Dice Okra into 3 pieces.

Boil for 30min

Add 2 cups of okra water to your blender

Add 2 cups of coconut milk - please limit use of heated coconut milk, water, oil as it can become toxic to the body!

1 cup of Spelt Flour

1 tsp of Annato

2 tsp of Sea Salt

2 tsp of Onion Powder

a dash of cayenne pepper (optional)

3 tbsp of key lime juice

I personally like to add 1-2 tbsp of Sea Moss Gel - be careful who your supplier is if it's not me!

Blend for 1 minute (or until smooth)

Add mixture to cast iron skillet (on medium heat)

Whisk, whisk, whisk!

Do not stop whisking!

Turn heat to medium-high and guess what...keep whisking until mixture thickens/!

Feel free to pour over chips or add to sauteed onions, peppers, and tomato OR walnut meet!

Mix well and enjoy!

 Gratitude Mother Nature, #drsebi #maa and Alkaline Foody!

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