Toxicity to Homosexuality

Toxicity to Homosexuality

Please don't shoot the messenger! We recite peer-reviewed, unbiased research only.   See informational YouTube video here! 

Every time you lift a metal utensil to your mouth….or cook with unsafe cookware…… could be leaking more Traces of Toxicity into your body. (See our video on “Cooking with Care” and “The Secret is in the Silverware”).

Links to Anemia, Autism, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and MUCH MORE! (Source: Santibanez, M. et al., 2012; Solfrizzi, V. et al., 2006; Verstraeten, S.V. et al., 2008).

DNA Damage and Mutation; Dr. Michael Gerger, 2019.

Chemical Modifications to DNA; Balter, 2015; Rice et al., 2012.

Aluminum exposure comes from:
-Processed Junk Food AND additives…….Cheeses…..Baking powders…..
-Cakes and Pancake mixes
-Frozen dough
-Medications and nonprescription drugs……like Antacids and Aspirins
-Anti-diarrhoeal products
Hemorrhoidal Medications!
Source: Lione, 1983.
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